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New Images/Animation

Two new images have been added to the gallery, along with a new animation (a fly-through of my office in 3d)

New Images/Animation/Resume 01/12/07

The images gallery has been updated with a handful of new images, both professional and personal. A tv spot for a local ski mountain that I helped to edit (which also bears a 3d introduction I created) has been posted in the animations section.

Last but not least, my resume has been updated to reflect new skills and experience, also to fix a few errors.
Savannah College of Art and Design
Hook - Line - And Sinker
I've been working on this short since the end of May. My goal is to have it completed and all polished up in September. I'll then be looking to enter it any competitions/festivals/etc that I can find. My ultimate goal would be to use it as a tool in my quest to find money to help pay for school at SCAD, or to even find a job that will help fund my education, or perhaps make it worth it to put the masters degree on the back burner. Enough of that, on to the content.
The brief story that I wrote to use as a guideline for this short can be downloaded here

Here are some of the latest pics of the progress I've been making. I am still in the modeling/texturing process of all of the characters.

I also began to toy with eye rigs for the characters. Here is a test showing how I am able to control the pupil dilation of the character.

The texture on the second fish has been completely re-done. I find this one to be much more appealing. It adds a little variety to the green already found on the first fish. I am currently fighting through a bout of Mono, though I hope to get back on track with this project ASAP.

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